The 29th anniversary of the murder of nine members of the MUP and the RBiH Army in action “Trebević 2” was marked

Deputy Chairman of the City Council dr. Dragan Stevanović, on behalf of the City of Sarajevo, along with family members and delegations from various levels of government, laid flowers and paid tribute to nine members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the RBiH Army who were killed in the “Trebević 2” operation in 1993.

While performing their combat tasks in action above, the following were killed: Admir Hebib, Kemal Kojić, Dragan Miljanović, Slaven Markešić, Srđan Bosiljčić, Elvir Šovšić, Hamid Humić, Jasmin Čamdžija, and Izet Karšić.

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