Deputy Chairman of the City Council Dragan Stevanović laid flowers and paid tribute in memory of the killed citizens in Hamdije Kreševljakovića Street

In Hamdije Kreševljakovića Street, number 47, in the Municipality of Centar, the 29th anniversary of the killing of our fellow citizens was marked today. On this occasion, on behalf of the City of Sarajevo, the Deputy Chairman of the City Council, Dragan Stevanović, paid his tribute and laid flowers at the place of suffering.

At that place, on November 29, 1993, a grenade fired from the aggressor’s positions on Hladivode killed seven of our fellow citizens and seriously and slightly wounded four people.

Staka Aksentić, Zekerijah Dacić, Ibro and Sead Plakalo, Igbal Redžić, Dženan Smajić and Elvedin Zimić were killed that day.

Family members and representatives of Sarajevo Canton, Centar Municipality, and the Union of Civilian War Victims of Sarajevo Canton attended the anniversary commemoration.


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