The Chairman of the City Council, Jasmin Ademović, supported the work of the Cantonal Public Institution ‟Family Counseling Center‟

Today, the Chairman of the City Council, Jasmin Ademović, director of Cantonal Public Institution ‟Family Counseling Center‟ Osman Šaljo, and  his associate Denyel-Ismir Kovač held a working meeting in the City Council Chairman’s office.

On that occasion, Osman Šaljo, director of the Cantonal Public Institution ‟Family Counseling Centre‟ introduced Chairman Ademović to the work and services provided by this institution, which through its activities, has achieved significant results in various domains.

The mission of the Cantonal Public Institution ‟Family Counseling Center‟ is to provide primary prevention, counseling, and treatment services to individuals, partners, families, and groups with problems they cannot solve without professional support.

It was pointed out that the public institution ‟Family Counseling Center‟ prepares and implements preventive, i.e., counseling-therapeutic projects for each stage of the beneficiary’s life, and that an essential segment of work is the cooperation with institutions that directly or indirectly deal with the family.

Some of the projects of this significant institution were presented to the Chairman. Preventive work with young people was particularly pointed out, where the participants had the opportunity to hear more about prevention programs, such as ‟Camp for youth without the Internet‟ intended for high school students, the ‟Social Skills‟ prevention program, intended for young people who are in the records of the Employment Service, as well as several other preventive programs for children and youth.

The activities that the Cantonal Public Institution ‟Family Counseling Center‟ implements for parents of preschool and school children, experts from several fields, mainly health, education, and social protection, were also mentioned. The institution certainly pays special attention to working with people of the third age and people with disabilities of all ages.

It is essential to point out that projects never end, but after the evaluation, they are innovated, and their implementation continues for the needs of other users.

Chairman Ademović emphasized the importance of this institution, which primarily aims at the well-being of the family, the basic unit of society. He expressed his understanding of the expressed needs and the intention to initiate specific support from the authorities of the City of Sarajevo and to plan funds in the Budget of the City of Sarajevo for 2023, which will be intended for the highest possible implementation of the presented projects.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Ademović pointed out that this meeting is part of the process of getting to know the institutions in the city of Sarajevo which work in the interests and for the benefit of the citizens.

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